Thermal Print Head

[Image] Thermal Print Head

A wide-ranging lineup providing ultra-high resolutions up to 600 dpi, U-shaped, with a printing width that handles up to A0-sized paper on the long side (nearly 47 inches). We are working constantly to decrease the size of our print heads by increasing IC wire bonding density.

DNA Chips & Genelyzer

[Image] DNA Chips & Genelyzer

Manufacturing the current detection type DNA chips and gene analysis instrument (Genelyzer™).
Acquire the medical supplies manufacturing industry authorization, the medical equipment production dealership authorization, the ISO13485 certification and have adopt it in the field of medical care and non-medical care.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board

[Image] Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Our high-density production system covers everything from design to production, providing fast response at low cost. Compatible with a variety of specifications including single-sided, double-sided, exposed body and multilayer FPCs.

Magnetrons for Microwave Oven

[Image] Magnetrons for Microwave Oven

Long life, high efficiency and low noise, for world-class performance.
Used by clients around the globe for their superior performance and engineering service.

Industrial Magnetrons

[Image] Industrial Magnetrons

We supply the products which is indispensable to industrial heating arrangement and semiconductor manufacturing process.

Transparent Film LED Modules

[Image] Avionics Color Display Tubes

This product is a LED module with new sense, that looks see-through when LED turns off and shines in various directions when LED turns on. Since it is a thin and flexible resin film material, it can be mounted on curved surfaces.
This product can innovate the design of illumination and signage applications.

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