Transparent Film LED ModulesNEW



High Transparency

Since the transmittance is 80% or more, see through when the LED is turned off.

[Image] High Transparency

Excellent Flexibility

Since it is a resin film material, it can be bent.
Three-dimensional decoration is possible if it bends and shines.

[Image] Excellent Flexibility

Thin, Lightweight

Thickness of the resin film is approximately 0.36mm. It is thin and lightweight.

[Image] Thin, Lightweight

Wide Viewing

Since LEDs emit on both sides, it shines brightly to any direction.

[Image] Wide Viewing

High brightness, Multi-color emission

Mounted with red, green and blue high brightness LED chips. Realize multi-color emission with low power consumption.

[Image] High brightness, Multi-color emission

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Technical information


Comparison with Package LEDs

Items Packaged LEDs
(Ex. Case of mounted LED on PCB both sides)
Transparent Film LED Modules
< New concept >
Image of LED module configuration
[Image] Packaged LEDs [Image] Transparent Film LED Modules
Transparency × (Not transparent) 〇 (Transparent : 80% or more)
Flexibility × (Not bendable) 〇 (Bendable)
Visibility Luminance △ (Low) 〇 (High)
Viewing range △ (LED front direction mainly) 〇 (Wide)
Economics Power consumption △ (Approximately 10 to 20 mA driving per LED) 〇 (Approximately 6 mA driving per LED)
Thickness △ (Thick: Approximately 1.5 mm) 〇 (Thin: Resin film is approximately 0.36mm)
Reliability △ (Soldering) 〇 (Not soldering)

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