Thermal Print Head

[Image] Thermal Print Head

A wide-ranging lineup providing ultra-high resolutions up to 600 dpi, U-shaped, with a printing width that handles up to A0-sized paper on the long side (nearly 47 inches). We are working constantly to decrease the size of our print heads by increasing IC wire bonding density.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board

[Image] Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Our high-density production system covers everything from design to production, providing fast response at low cost. Compatible with a variety of specifications including single-sided, double-sided, exposed body and multilayer FPCs.

Magnetrons for Microwave Oven

[Image] Magnetrons for Microwave Oven

Long life, high efficiency and low noise, for world-class performance.
Used by clients around the globe for their superior performance and engineering service.

Industrial Magnetrons

[Image] Industrial Magnetrons

We supply the products which is indispensable to industrial heating arrangement and semiconductor manufacturing process.

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