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  History Accumulated Technology
1945 Founded as Toshiba Corp. Asahikawa Works
(Manufacturing household lamp)
1950 Broke away from Toshiba. Hokuto Electric Lamp Mfg. Co., ltd. incorporated  
1960   Manufacturing of Monochrome TV tubes started
1967 Company name changed to Hokuto Electronics Industries Co., ltd.  
1975   Manufacturing of Industrial-use tubes started
1978   Manufacturing of Monochrome Display tubes started
1986   Manufacturing of Electron Gun for color picture tubes started
1990   Manufacturing of fexible printed circuit started
Manufacturing of magnetrons for microwave oven started
1992   Manufacturing of surface acoustic devices started
1993 Company name changed to Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation  
1997   Manufacturing of thermal print head started
1999   Transferred projection tubes business started Manufacturing of oxide single crystals started
2000   Transferred manufacturing of magnetrons to Toshiba Display Devices (Thailand) co.,ltd.
2002   Manufacturing of surface acoustic devices closed Transferred thermal print head business started
2003 Toshiba Hokuto Electronic Devices (Thailand) Co., ltd established Avionics color display tubes business started
2007 Company mark changed to Toshiba logo DNA chips business started
2008 Manufacturing of DNA chips for non-medical use commenced
2009 Manufacturing of DNA chips for medical use commneced
2015 Business related to industrial magnetrons

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