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Strength & Originality

  • Broad network of the Toshiba brand From R&D to distribution
  • Customer service achieved by a consistent system of development, manufacture and product quality assurance
  • Vacuum device technologies that have been cultivated since 1945 as well as their manufacture and sales
  • Micro and thin-film device technologies that have been cultivated by the manufacture of SAW filters and thermal print heads as well as their manufacture and sales

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Rich Technical Environment

  • R&D network with Toshiba
  • Solid customer support achieved by a consistent process from development to mass production
    • a) Development of new technologies and products
    • b) Strict observation of delivery dates
    • c) Analytical capability consisting of design, application, product and processing technologies

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Fully Developed Quality Assurance

Quality and Environment management system

  1. Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation
    • Obtained ISO9001 Certification (Oct. 2001) --- Thermal print heads
    • Obtained ISO14001 Certification (Sep. 1998)
    • Obtained ISO9001 Certification (Oct. 2006) --- Flexible Printed Circuit Board
    • Obtained ISO9001 Certification (Sep. 2017) ---Active Metal Copper Circuit Board
    • Obtained ISO45001 Certification (Mar. 2021)
    • Obtained ISO9001 Certification (Sep. 2022) ---Magnetrons
  2. Toshiba Hokuto Electronic Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    • Obtained ISO14001 Certification (Apr. 2001)
    • Obtained ISO9001 Certification (Oct. 2001) --- Magnetrons
    • Obtained ISO9001 Certification (Mar. 2007) --- Thermal print heads
    • Obtained ISO45001 Certification (Aug. 2020)

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Rapid Quality Assurance System

  • Claim processing: Quick quality assurance
  • Quality material/Assessment sample
    1. Technology/quality/manufacture Just-In-time (JIT) response to requests through the consistent system
    2. Installation of well-developed assessment/analytical tools

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